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Hockey Tips

Top Hockey Myths

There are several common myths about the sport of ice hockey that deter families from getting involved in a great and exciting sport.  However, these myths are just that.....myths.

Myth #1-Hockey costs a fortune to get started. FALSE  One can get started with hockey for little to no cost.  The equipment can be rented by through our organization.  Equipment rental through our club includes skates, helmet, chest protector, elbow pads, breezers, shin guards and stick.

Myth #2- Hockey games are played at strange hours.  FALSE  Learn-to-skate and house leagues are conducted at one local rink and the game times particularly for the Mite level rarely never played prior to 8:00am.  Even games at the travel level ae mostly played in the late morning/early afternoon.  Early morning or late evening games are the exception, not the rule.

Myth #3- The team has to travel many hours to play a hockey game.  FALSE  Unless a participant is playing at the highest level of youth hockey, most games are at facilities located within 2 hours of Ironwood, MI.

Myth #4- Hockey is too violent and presents an unreasonable risk to injuryFALSE  USA Hockey, the governing body of youth hockey in the US, does not permit body checking at Peewee (U12), Squirt (U10) and Mite (U6 & U8) levels.  Body checking does not start until the Bantam (U14) level.  Accordingly Polar Bear hockey has also required the use of mouth guards and neck guards for all players (U10 & Up).  Does this mean the participant cannot get injured?  Of course not.  There is always a risk of injury in all sports.

Fact:  It's About the Kids!  

Hockey does have its own set of rules and perhaps is not one of the mainstream sports that parents grew up with.  However, that should not deter parents from permitting their child to play hockey or at least give it a try.