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    The club has FIVE major required fundraisers this year.   Fundraising credits will be reimbursed after all events are completed.  This year’s required fundraisers: 


Golf Outing- this event is held on 3rd Saturday in the August at Eagle Bluff. We are looking for a new director to organize this fundraiser!!


Polar Bear Blast- Steak Feed Fundraiser will be held in the spring of the year as an end of year event.  Each family is required to sell/purchase at least 2 tickets.


Christmas Wreaths –

Families are required to sell 5 (five) wreaths per family.

***You will be charged $20 for each one you do not sell up to the 5 required.

There are various sized wreaths to order form.  Contact Amanda Pisco for the wreath order forms.  Orders with payment are due 11/4/19. 

*NOTE:  20% of your wreath sales total is credited to your registration fee.  


Gun Raffle– 

Families are required to sell 5 (five) gun raffle tickets. Contact Kim Peterson for tickets. PLEASE HAVE ALL TICKET MONEY TURNED AS SOLD, NO LATER THAN JANUARY 1, 2020. 

***You will be charged $25 for each you do not sell. Receive $1.00 credit off your registration fee for each ticket sold after the required 5!!



This is a new fundraiser for 2019-2020--Stay tuned for details.


Please remember, fundraising is needed to keep our registration costs down, so please participate whenever possible. If your fundraising credit is ½ or more of your total registration fee, your fee will be discounted 20% and then your fundraising credit will be deducted from that figure to determine your remaining amount due (many players are able to pay most of their registration fee with fundraising credit).


You could win VIP tickets to the 2022 Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest in Philly!HOW TO ENTER